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PONY JollyTots BAN

Top pony care!

Do you know how to keep your pony happy and hydrated whilst travelling? Read these important guidelines from the WHW if you're transporting your pony, especially in this sunny weather!

A collaboration of industry bodies, veterinary organisations and welfare groups coordinated by World...more

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Twiggy's Tales

Little Twiggy sure is living up to her name, and following in the footsteps of Twiggy Lawson, an iconic English model!

We decided that it was time to invest in a proper camera to capture the moments that the Pony Pals...more


We all know that flies can be a bothersome nuisance during the summer months, and it can seem there is no escaping them! Check out our super-cool PONY Mag vid on fly care and your pony will be fly free!



This month, Aussie Olympic eventing star Brook Staples helps Blaize to get her pony Teddy listening to her, and progress to jumping corners!


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