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Jess writes every month in PONY – and this month we can take advantage of her yard tips!

Be observant in the yard. Check your horse or pony over every day if you can, and particularly before...more

Articles & News

We follow riding school pony Barney Rubble for a day at Woodredon Equestrian Centre in Essex, to find out what he gets up to!

8.50am Tack on, let's go!It's time for Barney to start work, and as Arani has booked a lesson on him,...more

Top pony schooling

Whatever is holding you back, our guide will help you overcome your fears. From stressing about what other riders on your lesson think of you, to being scared of falling off, we’ve got an action plan to help you!

Stressing about what other people are thinking of you when you ride? The chances are they're far too...more

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