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Top pony schooling

Donít miss the second part of Lorraineís brilliant masterclass, all about reins. It will transform your riding!

What's your contact? Even. This is a steady pressure on both reins no matter where you're going or...more

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Think you know about dun ponies? Maybe you do, or maybe not so much! Our feature on duns is crammed full of facts you didnít know about them!

Everyone knows what a dun pony looks like - yellow with black points, right? But hold on a minute...more

Top pony care!

There are more neglected and abandoned horses and ponies than ever before. What should you do if you see a pony in trouble? We asked World Horse Welfare for advice.

If you see a horse, pony, donkey or mule you think needs help, World Horse Welfare's field officers...more


The Spanish Riding School of Vienna are heading to the Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield as part of their 2014 European Tour this November. Check out a preview video here!


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