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Luv Ponies Nov14

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Who doesnít love a good horoscope to see them through the year ahead? We look at whether youíre an Air, Water, Fire or Earth sign, and gaze into our crystal ball to see whatís in store in the year ahead!

  If you were born under an Air sign, you're a curious rider, always seeking to improve your...more

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Top pony care!

Itís winter and riding in the cold brings its own challenges. But fear not! Lorraine Jennings has some great ideas for you and your pony to stay warm!

Getting warm isn't as hard as staying warm. Once you've got going the last thing you should do is...more

Articles & News

Inspired by the sparkly mane extension FREE in January PONY, we've blinged up the PONY ponies. Donít miss our efforts in our fab feature!

We gave Soloman a makeover with Glamourati products. Duggie was treated to a Christmas look with products...more


Check out this video from A Stable on Your Table - Everything from the world of horses made to dolls house scale... The perfect present this Christmas!

A stableyard of your own... Care for your horses, feed them, groom them and take them to the show...more

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