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Love loom bands? We want to see your horse-themed loom band creations!

We want to make a cool gallery of all your horse and pony themed loom band creations, from browbands...more

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Duggie's blog

Have you heard the news? PONY: The Annual 2015 is finally here! Check out Duggie's video all about it!

Hi guys! Sorry I didn't give you an update last month, I was too busy winning at Burghley Horse Trials!  What...more


Winter's coming and thoughts turn to keeping our ponies warm and dry!

Rugging Quiz Did you read our winter rug guide in the November issue of PONY? Test your knowledge...more

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When two lucky readers of the PONY Annual 2014, Ella and Daisy, each found one of just two golden tickets to meet Olympic dressage rider Charlotte Dujardin, hidden in their Annuals, PONY Mag went along on the special day to join in the fun!

Check out this selection of pics from the day, featuring some of Charlotte's amazing horses and Charlotte...more

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