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HorseHage is proud to announce a new rider is joining its team of sponsored riders.

20/08/2014 14:20 PONY magazine Lincolnshire-based international show-jumper, Spencer Roe, is the...more

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Check out Equilibrium Products' sensational summer giveaway!

14/08/2014 PONY magazine To celebrate the success of their new munchTM range of healthy snacks with...more

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The 2014 Nettex Trailblazers National Championships saw tough competition over the 10 days of competition at Stoneleigh from the 25th July to 3rd August.

13/08/2014 11:21 PONY magazine Riders qualify for the Trailblazers Championships through two rounds...more

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All this sun is making me sleepy! But at least the grass is growing...

Phew, I'm much happier now it's a bit cooler at night so I can catch up on my beauty sleep! Last month...more

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