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Twiggy's Tales

Read about Twiggy's October adventures, and meet her new friend, Mr. Kipling!

As the fun of summer drew to a close, it was time to evaluate Twiggy's progress as to whether she...more

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Once a rescue horse from a sad background, Major, the Highland Pony, now lives a life of luxury on the shores of Loch Ness, in Scotland and occasionally he likes to walk through the Loch Ness waters.

In 2006, Major was signed over to horse charity, World Horse Welfare, after he was found on an abandoned...more


Do you know everything you should about which bedding your pony should have?

Everyone likes a comfy bed – and ponies are no exception. But which bedding is perfect...more

Duggie's blog

I've been VERY busy this month, and recently the PONY team came up and gave me and Solomon a makeover be prepared for very glittery ponies!

So it's nearly November, and it's getting pretty chilly at night now! Solomon and I huddle up in the...more

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