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Did you see our feature all about horsey careers in March PONY Mag? See if you can match our gallery of pics to the correct career!

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PONY Mag Web Extras

Did you see our fabulous Jive Pony feature in March PONY? Here are some more gorgeous pix of the equine members of Jive Pony - and don't forget our amazing competition to win an invite to an exclusive Jive Pony party!

If you'd like to find out more about Jive Pony, and would like to know where and when Jive Pony will...more

Top pony care!

We asked Bel and Maclarey to demonstrate putting on a bridle, so you can copy and iron out any problems you might be having with your pony.

Watchpoint! Make sure the bit, the browband and the noseband are all level. The bit should be just...more

Top pony schooling

If you get frustrated when the pony you ride doesn’t do as you ask, this new series is for you! We tackle six common problems – starting with ponies who cut the corners in the school.

Problem: Pony cuts the corners.Most school ponies know that cutting the corners means they can go...more

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