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What’s your pony personality? To which of these four ponies are you instantly drawn? Don’t think about it – just pick the one that appeals to you most, in a split second!

Did you pick the pony that most appealed to you over on the PONY Mag Facebook page? It's time to find...more

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The countdown to the world’s best equine Christmas party, Olympia, The London International Horse Show has truly begun! To mark the ‘two-months-to-go’ point, Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester have come together in a captivating video that helps outline what makes the event so magical and unique.


Twiggy's Tales

Find out what Twiggy got up to over September, including special parts of her training that make her perfect as a therapy pony.

Twiggy is growing up fast and has learnt so much during the summer! She is now fully weaned from...more

Twiggy's Tales

Meet Twiggy, the miniature orphan foal, and find out what she gets up to with her owner, Caroline! Twiggy will be bringing us regular updates from her life as a therapy horse.

Caroline tells PONY...: In early May I received a call from The Liphook Equine Hospital to say that...more

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