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Find out how you’d cope in an emergency by reading our scenario, and quickly choosing the option you think is closest to how you would react – in other words, what you would do!

Discover our analysis of your decision once you've decided! (Don't take too long to make up your mind...more

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Top pony schooling

If you’re going showing this summer, you’ll already have read our feature about it in August PONY Magazine! Here are some ideas to help you perform a brilliant individual show – both in the saddle, on in hand, and some general tips for success in the show ring.

Individual show under saddleWhen it's time for your individual show under saddle, gee up your pony...more

Top pony schooling

Did you read Lorraine’s brilliant feature in August PONY Mag, about riding a different pony on holiday? Here are some more ideas to help you ride a new pony, and get the most out a your holiday ride!

1. When you first mount, remember everything will seem strange (how exciting!). From the reins, to...more

Top pony care!

The hot, sunny weather means careful management of your pony's diet. Check out our top tips!

Problems and solutions when the weather is hot: A hungry pony may look for ways to escape to pastures...more

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