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In the elite international world of dressage, one name stands above all others and that is Carl Hester and Rowena Luard’s Valegro.

This extraordinary athlete's achievements, with rider Charlotte Dujardin, have made Valegro a household...more

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Top pony care!

Did you catch our grooming feature in May PONY? We gave you some nifty tips to get your pony looking like a top show pony! But what if you’re short of time?

What if your pony comes in covered in dust and you need him to look gorgeous in 10 minutes? Panic...more

Articles & News

Our favourite PONY columnist, top showjumper Jessica Mendoza, has broken into the World's Top 100 ahead of her 19th birthday - success!

After many top placings in Arezzo, Jessica has finally reached her short term goal: entering the top...more

Top pony schooling

Everyone has a crisis of confidence at some time, but Virginia Shirt has some ideas to train your brain to be confident!

Riding is a great pleasure, but we also ride because it's exciting, invigorating and empowering! Sometimes...more

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