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Have-a-go horseball!

The PONY girls learn how to play horseball!

Horseball is a fast-paced, action-packed sport played on horseback. It's great fun to play - as PONY's Senior Ed Assistant, Lucy, and Web Ed Mel found out when they had a go at Lee Valley Equestrian Centre!

Before the girls could get involved in a real game, there were a few techniques to be mastered. After getting used to passing the ball around (underarm only!) while standing up in the stirrups, Lucy and Mel were shown how to pick up the ball - a techinque known as ramassage.

"You had to hook your offside foot in the stirrup, then slide down the nearside of the horse to pick up the ball - pretty scary first time round - I though I was going to fall off!" confesses Mel.

But the game PONY girls soon got the hang of it, and moved on to picking the ball while on the move. Check out how they got in the video below!

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