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If you want to know ANYTHING and EVERYTHING about horses and ponies, then PONY is for you!

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  • PONY Mag is the UK's No 1 horsey teen mag!
  • Improve your riding - PONY Mag advice totally works and totally rocks!
  • PONY Mag has the secrets to getting close to your fave pony
  • Find out about other readers' ponies and lives (including real life experiences)
  • Fabulous pony care advice gives you the edge at the yard!
  • The best pony posters are found in PONY every
  • Join the PONY VIP Club!
  • Share PONY's own ponies - the cute yet streetwise Duggie, Soloman and Colonel
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PONY Magazine is the UK's No 1 horsey teen mag - every issue is packed with great riding features, advice on pony care, gorgeous posters, fun quizzes, things to make, and loads more!

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