Sample issue HR
video still of Penny and Duggie

Penny and Duggie chat about the January Issue

Penny and Duggie give you a run down of what's in the latest issue of PONY

Hiya! Me and Duggie have just got back from hacking out and... more
Duggie and Soloman

A quiet week

The paddock's been quiet as a mouse!

What a lovely quiet week! No PONY team disturbing my peace,... more

Fashionista Duggster!

What's been happening this time?

Phew! Am I glad last week's over with! It was the PONY fashion... more

Duggie gets on a box

Not literally a box, just a soapbox rant!

Alright peeps! Have you missed me? Yeah I bet you have 'cos... more
Duggie becomes a piece of art!

22 Jan - Duggie becomes a piece of art!

Kate's just had a very important birthday, so what was her extra special present?

As you all know, I'm a very popular pony, so it was no surprise... more

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