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Duggie and Soloman

A quiet week

The paddock's been quiet as a mouse!

What a lovely quiet week! No PONY team disturbing my peace,... more

Fashionista Duggster!

What's been happening this time?

Phew! Am I glad last week's over with! It was the PONY fashion... more

Duggie gets on a box

Not literally a box, just a soapbox rant!

Alright peeps! Have you missed me? Yeah I bet you have 'cos... more
Duggie becomes a piece of art!

22 Jan - Duggie becomes a piece of art!

Kate's just had a very important birthday, so what was her extra special present?

As you all know, I'm a very popular pony, so it was no surprise... more
Duggie in the snow!

The boys get snowed in!

The paddock is totally snowed in! How are Soloman and Duggie coping? Read on to find out.

When I woke up the other day, I thought I'd gone to heaven!... more

2013 school bag