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Duggie fights the flies!

Fashion to keep the flies at bay!

There have been flies everywhere lately! Luckily, Kate saw... more

Soloman's chasing fairies

Soloman's chasing fairies!

Alright peeps! Isn't this sunshine just so glorious? Well... more
video still of Penny and Duggie

Penny and Duggie chat about the January Issue

Penny and Duggie give you a run down of what's in the latest issue of PONY

Hiya! Me and Duggie have just got back from hacking out and... more
Duggie and Soloman

A quiet week

The paddock's been quiet as a mouse!

What a lovely quiet week! No PONY team disturbing my peace,... more

Fashionista Duggster!

What's been happening this time?

Phew! Am I glad last week's over with! It was the PONY fashion... more