PONY Academy static

The SUN has come OUT!

HOORAH! Finally the sun has made an appearance and we can all relax!

Soloman and I are SOOOO happy that its getting warmer, we... more

Back to work..

Duggie is getting ready for the summer season with some long hacks and playtime in the field!

Woah, I'm knackered now the suns out and I'm being ridden... more

Wahoo! The sunshine is in my field and my muddy coat can dry!

My coat has been so muddy and wet all winter, now it has a chance to dry and leave lovely clumps for Kate and Penny to groom out!

Seriously though, now the sun is out my coat can start to... more

Soggy, soggy, soggy...

As the Spring issue is coming up, I hope the Spring weather will follow!

Okay so since my last blog post, I'm sure the rain has NOT... more

Hurry up summer!

HELP we are all drowning in mud here!

Well, I don't really know what to say apart from how soggy... more

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