Sample issue HR

The one good thing about rain...

... is it's grass growing potential!

Now I'm not one to moan, but it has been raining rather a... more

Duggie caught in the wet!

It's ever so wet!

And I'm talking like, epically wet. Usually when it rains... more

Pony Annual 2013! You've gotta get in quick...

... Apparently!

The PONY girls have been up here again, armed with the video... more

Ick! Spiders!!!

OMG! The place is literally crawling with them!

Hey peeps! Spiders aren't really my bag. I don't exactly... more
Duggie annual

Duggie takes it back!

Well I couldn't let Colonel rule the roost, could I?

Hi all! Don't worry, I'm back. I thought I'd let Colonel... more

PONY advertise horse