PONY Academy static

Duggie's wet weather woes

What's been happening at the paddock this week?

Hey, I'm back from snoozing! In fact, I've spent most of... more

Colonel has his say!

Uh-oh! Where's Duggie got to this week?

Hi PONY fans,  It's Colonel here. That naughty Duggie... more

Duggie and Soloman have a race!

What's Duggie been up to now?

Duggie and Soloman have a race! Thank goodness the sun... more

Duggie Gets Soaked!

All the latest from cheeky chappy Duggie, Read more to find out what he has been up to!

Where has all the sun gone! Okay so picture this, There's... more

Duggie gets dusty!

I dunno what they're all complaining about!

Hey all! I've been so busy being famous and gorgeous that... more

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