Pony The Saddle Club

Duggie gets dusty!

I dunno what they're all complaining about!

Hey all! I've been so busy being famous and gorgeous that... more
Duggie in the sun!

Sunshine at the paddock

What's our Dug been up to in the sunshine?

The weather here in the paddock has been amazing today! I've... more
Duggie and Soloman

Can you believe it?

Oh dear! What's got Duggie's goat this week?

I can't believe it! Valentine's Day yesterday and I didn't... more

Merry Christmas!

It's going to be a white Christmas at the paddock!

Hello everyone and a very merry Christmas to you all!   There,... more

Let it snow!

Snow = holidays!

Hey!   Have you had any snow yet? We've had LOADS... more

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