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Saddle cleaning quiz

Did you see the article cleaning saddles in August's PONY mag? Try out this quiz to test your knowledge!

09/07/2014 15:41 PONY magazine   Saddle cleaning... more

Cute Horse hospital

Turn that horse's sad little neigh into a happy whinny!

Nurture all kinds of horses at the equine hospital, from... more

Poisonous plants quiz

Do you know all there is to know?

12/06/14 14:05 PONY magazine   Poisonous plants... more

My Horse Friends exclusive in-game items!

If you are already playing My Horse Friends, you can now get PONY branded items for FREE!

If you've got the games, log-in or create an account at more
PONY annual quiz

Take the PONY annual quiz 2014!

Have you read PONY: The Annual 2014 from cover-to-cover? Take our quiz to find out how much you remembered!

How much do you know about PONY: The Annual 2014? Test... more

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