School bag

Real-life Drama: Our ponies galloped toward the road!

A normal day at the stables turned out to be rather out of the ordinary...

It was just a regular day at my stables. I was just putting... more
The team

Real-life Drama: From charity case to super star!

Darius' life didn't start so well, thanks to a bad accident...

Darius didn't have a brilliant start in life. As a yearling... more
The X-ray

Real-life Drama: The day I fell off!

When Abbey fell off her pony, Pie, and broke her arm it wasn’t to be a straightforward recovery!

It all started on 24th April 2011. I had just arrived home... more
Becca and Oliver Townend

Real-life Drama: Oliver Townend sent me a birthday card!

Becca was a big fan of Oliver Townend, but she never dreamed she’d meet him – twice!

When I went to Blair Castle Horse Trials last year, I had... more
Riding - naturally!

Real-life Drama: I’m an apprentice horse whisperer!

Horses helped Charlie come out of his shell and be a strong and confident person.

My name is Charlie Avent and I am autistic. I want to tell... more

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