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Hoof care for hard ground

Our fab feature about hoof care in August PONY had some great advice from Gil Riley, former Petplan Equine Vet of the Year! Here is some more top tips from Team PONY!

04/07/2014 14:26 PONY magazine Remember that hot weather... more

Cleaning synthetic tack

Did you catch our tack cleaning features in the July and August PONY? But what if you have synthetic tack? Worry no more, here are some ideas to keep them spick and span.

04/07/2014 11:46 PONY magazine There are several companies... more

It's time for PONY CLUB CAMP

Make sure you have everything packed. To help make sure you donít forget anything, we have put together a handy checklist and our friends at Countrywide are doing great offers on items you need to get before you go.

Pony Club Camp is the highlight of many Pony Clubber's year!... more

Danger in the grass!

Did you read our feature on poisonous plants in June PONY? Here are some more plants to look out for.

04/06/14 11:38 PONY magazine RhododendronThis colourful... more

How to plait a mane and tail Ė step-by-step guide!

Did you read the article in July PONY Mag about how to achieve the perfect plaits? Here are two downloadable step-by-step guides that you can fold up and keep in your grooming box!

04/06/14 11:01 PONY magazine Click here to download the... more

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