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PONY How-To: Putting on a bridle and checking the fit

It's important to make sure that any pony you ride is comfy in his tack, so make sure to check out this PONY How-To video to make sure you know how to put on a bridle and check that it fits correctly!


PONY How-To: Tying up a haynet

Do you know how to tie a haynet up safely and securely? Make sure to check out our PONY How-To video if not!


PONY How-To: Tying a quick-release knot

Do you know how to tie your pony up safely? Learning how to tie a quick-release knot is a vital part of pony care, so make sure to check out our video as we show you how!


A Stable on Your Table

Check out this video from A Stable on Your Table - Everything from the world of horses made to dolls house scale... The perfect present this Christmas!

A stableyard of your own... Care for your horses, feed them,... more

Blue Chip's showing advice from Sandra Burton

Love native ponies? Why not give showing a try? Check out some top tips from Blue Chip and Sandra Burton on how to produce native show ponies, and how to teach them to walk in-hand.


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