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Video: How to read a feed label courtesy of Dengie

Dengie's Senior Nutritionist Katie Williams explains what information is required by law to be on the bag and what it means.


William Funnell on: Tack for a young horse

This video features William Funnell and his words of wisdom and we look at tack...

28/06/13 11:00 Missed a copy of PONY?Love PONY?
Working hunter

Working Hunter Champion Louise Bell interview

Louise explains what to look for in a working hunter, training him for the show ring, working on your showing strategy and being in a winning state of mind...

28/06/13  10:20In this video the 10-times Royal International... more

A dressage lesson with Michael Eilberg - Creating a great trot

Michael Eilberg explains how to create a great trot...

25/06/13 15:10 Michael joined the World Class Development... more
Daniel Timson

Boost your dressage score with Daniel Timson

This part of the series focuses on Advanced Medium movements and upward...

25/06/13  11:00Extension Extended canter requires the... more

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