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Johnny Depp falls from a galloping horse whilst fiming The Lone Ranger

A high-speed fall whilst on the set of The Lone Ranger turns up on YouTube. Don't worry, he is okay.

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Top Stretch

How to stretch your pony: topline toning

Follow these simple instructions and topline tone your pony...

To do these stretches, all you need are some horsey treats.... more
Stretching exercise

Learn how to stretch your pony's back and abs

Learn how to stretch your pony's back and abs with these simple exercises...

To do these exercises, all you need is some horsey treats.... more

Tina Cook on jumping skinnies

The final part of our ace jumping series with triple Olympic medal winning Tina Cook tackles tricky fences.

The set up Three jump blocks and two short poles. The poles... more

Penny & Duggie Rock! The July issue trailer.

July 2013 PONY has a FREE PONY wallet on the cover and comes out between the 13th June and 11th July 2013.


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