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Tina Cook teaches how to jump water trays into a skinny fence

Jumping a water tray is nerve racking for any horse the first time, but add in a skinny to the mix and it takes skill. Watch the video to see how Tina has set the course to allow succesful training for this style of jump.

Tina Cook

Tina Cook teaches how to jump on a figure of eight

PONY has a new show jumping series with triple Olympic medal winner Tina Cook in May's PONY Magazine!

In May's PONY Magazine we have the first part of our new... more
cats and horses video collection

Horse and cats video collection

Just a few cute video's of cats and horses getting along. Do you have a video of your cat and horse/pony getting along? Send us the link in an email and we might post it up here for all to enjoy.

Black cat and Chestnut horse playing in the snow Honey... more
Jumping cow

Jumping cows!

Watch this amazing video of Germany's jumping cow!

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Horseware advert

Fantastic Horseware advert!

Take a look that this great Horseware advert that shows the amazing relationship between a horse and their rider...


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