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sheltand pony dancing video

Shetland pony dancing video

This is one of the best and cutest adverts we have seen in a long while, a Shetland pony doing the moon walk.

Pony dancing to the music, what fun! Missed a copy of... more

Training a Zonkey!

Hannah Dawson has created this on-line blog about how she has started to train two Zonkeys!

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dog leading a pony on a rope

Dog taking a pony for a walk

What an obedient little dog! Making sure the pony doesn't make off into the sunset, you can hear the owner giggling away and on hand to grab the lead rope if needs be.

Do's and Dont's Here at PONY HQ we love everything to... more

Penny and Soloman video - too cute!

Penny shows Soloman how much he means to her with a good old scratch and rub!

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Stretches with snacks

Improve your pony's flexibility with these simple stretches

These simple exercises with tasty treats encourage a pony to stretch as far as his abilities allow, improving his flexibility.

He may increase the stretch or go beyond what he thought... more